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in these times

how we respond is everything


lives at the heart of our agency

wear your intention

to live it

seize the present moment

as a platform for growth

up level

choose the gemstone that raises your vibration 

conscious community

join a community living with intention 

blog space

double wrap it

or make it a choker

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jewelry to wear your intention

We believe in empowering you to take your life into your own hands. We design jewelry so you can remember your intention and live it fully.

tune in, your intention is within

what is sankalpa?

sankalpa means “your heart’s intention” in sanskrit. we invite you to listen to the wisdom within your heart. your jewelry will help you remember.

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sacred space

wellness rituals, meditations, breath exercises, + crystals to nourish your present moment state of being

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so how does manifestation work?

what we give attention to grows. an intention is a thought and thoughts carry energy. clear intention energizes us to take action in the direction of growth.

infuse your intention in your crystal

everything is energy. crystals are energetic blueprints. wearing them influences our vibration in the direction of our intention. they help us to remember our true nature because they come from nature. 

double wrap, double love

wrap bracelets

conscious community

We have found community to be an incredible resource along the journey coming home to ourselves. The one we are creating is an interweb of inspiration and validation for believing the power lies in you. Join a community of humans realizing their potential too.

real people living with intention

I now understand my power lives in directing my energy to what I want in every moment.


It was my bracelet that reminded me to say yes to what I actually want and move beyond my limit.

Miranda K

I set an intention to live freely and spontaneously embarked on a year long journey traveling around the world.