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a wearable wellness practice

jewelry as a tool


an anchor for your awareness to take intention into action

seize the moment

shop by intention

jewelry as a neuroscience backed tool

we decided to reframe something we already love, jewelry, as a tool for anchoring into the present moment. we think awareness is cool. and living true to you should be fun!

in these times

how we respond is everything

neuroscience shows that when awareness precedes intention we are more motivated to make a lifestyle shift

take your intentions into action

stepping stones

shop our made-to-fall-off-jewelry and embrace the nature of impermanence by seizing the moment fully

ritualize nonattachment

wear your mindfulness practice

neuroscience shows as we channel our attention from intention into action, we strengthen our neural pathways to solidify new behavior. we invite you to wear your wellness, to embrace life as a ritual of turning within, again and again.

power = presence + choice

presence = mind + body

choice = intention + action

real people living with intention

i've learned my power lives in directing my energy in every moment.


healing from sexual assault, my necklace reminds me i can have a voice


it never occurred to me how much i forget to check in. since i put my sankalpa bracelet on, ive been able to pause + grow a sense of presence day by day


my bracelet helps me to make the most out of moments and say yes to what I actually want


having a tangible item to bring me into the present moment allows me to remember what matters


starting my own business, my sankalpa keeps from giving into my doubts and reminds me to listen to the voice that says "yes i can"