i ām .

a statement of awareness . we invite you to be here .


4 affirmations to love yourself fully.

I AM ... me . letting go . alive . naked .

we designed this batch to remind you that you are all that you seek, and you are 100x more powerful when you embrace your raw, real side. slip on self acceptance + stand in your mind, body, energy, story...


intention.. a tool for your mental health?

intention gives our brain structure, orients our awareness, and anchors our actions with a direction to grow into.

shop wearable wellness

bridge the gap from awareness to action. wear your intention.

roam the unknown .

did you know the unknown actually poses a stress to the nervous system? stress isn't bad. we need it to grow. that's why we invite you to infuse the moment with awareness, for this allows our brain to orient to your surroundings + grow.

#beheregrownow with us!

rebrand alert .

we made the switch from sankalpa to grāymatter. to support you in seizing more moments of your daily life. our mission is to pave a new pathway for the world to view intention as a mental health tool. our products anchor your brain in the now. and now, come with a package mindfulness + embodiment practice to kickstart your prefrontal cortex + light up your potential.