meet abby

by victoria larkins

meet abby cole

Aurora, CO
Current location
Boulder, CO

step into abby's world

a memory of feeling in your power  

i felt really in power when I moved into my own house here and becoming fully independent and doing everything on my own.

what lights you up? 

Whether it’s just laying on the couch or out at a restaurant, just laughing with my friends lights me up! 

quote or piece of wisdom you live by 

“Everything happens for a reason.”

current intention, your "why" 

Personal growth and finding out what I like and am passionate about and with that, just finding out who I am, as I am finishing up college. 

what does presence feel like to you? 

Living and being in the present moment and taking it all in and not worrying too much about the future is my presence. 

what is self awareness? 

Self awareness is listening to my body and knowing when I need a break, mentally and physically,  and what feels good to me, whether it’s what I am eating or if I need to workout. 

when you hear the word choice, what do you think/feel? 

The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s my own choice of what I get to do with my life. Whatever happens to my future is up to me. 

what does it mean to you to be in your power?  

When I feel like I am organized and I have my life “organized”, I feel like I am empowered to get done and do what I know I can. 

favorite song? 

Lately I’ve been loving Life Changes by Thomas Rhett!

favorite smell? 

Ooo, I love the smell of laundry detergent (haha), fresh flowers, and the smell of freshly popped popcorn.

earliest memory?

My first memory I think is either my first house I lived in for a year in Iowa or my little brother being born.

diving deeper

share a vulnerability that you are currently embracing about yourself 

I would say right now that I am in a phase of overthinking a lot and worrying about pleasing others and trying to be what I think they want from me, so I am really trying to embrace being fully myself and waking up and doing things just for me. 

when you see/hear the word "agency" what comes up for you? 

I think for me, agency means that I have the ability to choose what actions I make and how it will affect my future. 

what is your relationship with your thoughts?

I would say most times my thoughts are running really fast and I can’t keep up with all of them, but I try to keep them positive. However, I think some days I speak or think much more negatively to myself than I ever would to any of my friends. 


I feel like it’s important to be in touch with all types of feelings, not just the positive, happy feelings, but also the sadder, tougher feelings. I feel like once I can appreciate and feel through the harder feelings, then I can appreciate and feel more of those joyful, happy feelings. 

if you could tell a young version of yourself one thing, what would that be?

Don’t worry about what other people think about you as much and do whatever makes you happy!