meet anya

by victoria larkins

The Living Proof Mission: The Living Proof Blog is a people powered project paving the way for humanity to believe it’s possible to rise out of our limits and embrace our full potential. Our intention with this campaign is to create permission to be yourself in a world that often asks us to step outside and give more focus externally at the cost of our own presence. We've experienced first hand what happens to our mental health when we give our power away to stigmas and shoulds. And, that's why we created Sankalpa to offer wearable wellness tools and a community of support to internally resource and self validate. We see reclaiming our power as giving attention to what matters to us. And, presence is a great way to find these answers. Presence and self awareness aren't these lofty ideals. They are within your own capacity. Here you'll find examples of real people sharing how they find presence and what they care about. Dive in the mind and heart of what it means to be human...

Meet Anya Juel Keshishian

Pronouns: she/her
Age: 26
Ethnicity: Armenian, English, Danish, Welsh
Hometown:  Martinez, CA
Current location: Boulder, CO

Diving Deeper

What does it mean to you to be in your power? To me, being in my power means being able to recognize my ability to be myself in any situation.

What does presence feel like to you? Presence is my ability to bring awareness to what's in my mind and body, without needing to act on it.

Share a vulnerability that you are currently embracing about yourself: I am currently working to advocate for myself in regard to the time and energy I give to others.

When you see/hear the word "agency" what comes up for you? I understand the word agency to be the individual's ability to act with choice and intention in every moment.

What about choice? Choice is my power to influence my reality.

If you could tell a young version of yourself one thing, what would that be? I would tell young Anya that the only thing that matters is showing up as yourself. In the moment, and in the long run. Be yourself, and the rest will follow.