meet julia hancock

by victoria larkins

Living Proof is a people powered project paving collective neuropathways to honor our most authentic expression. 

Our Mission: we've experienced first hand what happens to our mental health when we give our power away to stigmas and shoulds. that's why we decided to offer wearable wellness tools and a community of support to internally resource, self validate, and embrace what matters to you. reclaiming our power is as simple as giving attention to the parts of ourselves that are real. when we do, we pave new neuropathways in our brain that solidify a reality that reflects a sense of internal validation and external expression. presence is for everyone. and, we believe power grows when we honor each other's unique approach to life. here you will find real people offering living proof that your authentic expression matters. dive inside the mind + hearts of what it means  to be human. let's revive the vibe of living in the gray area, where success isn't the end goal and honoring our vulnerability in each moment is the coolest thing we can do.

Meet Julia Hancock

Pronouns : she/her/hers

Age : 21

Ethnicity : White 

Hometown : Flower Mound, Tx

Current Location : Boulder, CO

Diving Deeper

What does it mean to you to be in your power? I think to be in my power is feeling 100% comfortable with myself and who I am. 

What does presence feel like to you? Similar to power, presence to me is being completely aware of myself and how I’m feeling. This could be when I am truly happy and embracing that happiness or when I am sad & can understand my feelings & what I need to do for myself. It’s being in the moment. 

Share a vulnerability that you are currently embracing about yourself: I am trying to  embrace my innocence & personality. There are times when I find myself sacrificing bits of myself for others, so lately I’ve been trying to step back and be one hundred percent myself.  

When you hear the word "agency" what comes up for you? I think of being my own person & acting on my own behalf (and with others).

What about choice? Choice is a privilege I’m lucky to have- to be able to decide what path is best suited for me & those around me.

If you could tell a young version of yourself one thing, what would that be? Don’t worry about what others think of you. If you’re ever stressed about something you did or what you think people are thinking of you, put those feelings out of sight and out of mind. Those moments pass so quickly and people are dwelling on them like you think. Just keep on being yourself & don’t change!