meet megan

by victoria larkins

The Living Proof Mission: The Living Proof Blog is a people powered project paving the way for humanity to believe it’s possible to rise out of our limits and embrace our full potential. Our intention with this campaign is to create permission to be yourself in a world that often asks us to step outside and give more focus externally at the cost of our own presence. We've experienced first hand what happens to our mental health when we give our power away to stigmas and shoulds. And, that's why we created Sankalpa to offer wearable wellness tools and a community of support to internally resource and self validate. We see reclaiming our power as giving attention to what matters to us. And, presence is a great way to find these answers. Presence and self awareness aren't these lofty ideals. They are within your own capacity. Here you'll find examples of real people sharing how they find presence and what they care about. Dive in the mind and heart of what it means to be human...

Meet Megan Winter

Pronouns: she/her
Age: 20
Ethnicity: White
Hometown:  Tempe, AZ
Current location: Boulder, CO
Free style... Tell us a little bit about yourself and what matters to you:  The people I surround myself with, their health and my health all matter most to me. I think you are a reflection of your peers so I want to make sure I am always bettering, challenging and uplifting them, and vice versa. I also put a priority on health, I think that is the base to a happy and fulfilling life.

A quote or piece of wisdom you live by: "Those who can't ride with you on your lowest of lows, can't fly with you on your highest of highs"

Current intention, your "why": My current intention is setting myself up for success. I have been given a beautiful life and been surrounded by so many giving and caring people. I want to be able to give back and reciprocate everything that I have experienced to others

Diving Deeper

What does it mean to you to be in your power? To me, being in my power is knowing that I am right where I should be, in alignment with myself. Not forcing anything, just letting things be the way they should be and knowing that at that moment everything is and will be alright.

What does presence feel like to you? Presence to me feels like a try to be my complete self, not belittling any part. Giving all my attention, intention and person to it.

Share a vulnerability that you are currently embracing about yourself: A vulnerability that I am trying to embrace is being intimate with people. I need to trust myself, it will come with time and with the people who I truly trust and are supposed to be in my life.

When you see/hear the word "agency" what comes up for you? When I hear the word agency, I think of a group of people working together helping each other out to reach a common goal that everyone can celebrate.

What about choice? When I think of choice I think about the ability to choose the path/object/time etc. that truly represents myself and where I am trying to go

If you could tell a young version of yourself one thing, what would that be? Stop measuring your days by productivity but by how you feel mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.


A memory of feeling in your power: I feel in my power having sunset summer dinners, outside, with music, yummy food, and surrounded by my loved ones.