2020: the year of honoring

by victoria larkins

There is this trend around the new year that goes, “new year new you”. When we look at the mechanics of that approach, we’re actually disempowering ourselves and sending a message that we need to change who we are. This works against us by placing a stress on our nervous system, ultimately sending us into a state of further disconnection from our potential. ⠀

New years resolutions often fade because they originate outside ourselves. There is another, much more simple way that poses no threat to our authentic nature. It is that of acceptance— the experience of listening to our innate wisdom, having a direct connection with all that already exists inside of us. ⠀

Truth is, we are innately kind, creative, abundant, a good listener, honest, beautiful, etc. Our potential is just waiting for us to see it and embody it. In this light, intention can serve to anchor us in our self worth, help us to remember that all we’ve got to do is own who we are.⠀

The secret sauce is attention. When we begin with placing our attention on some piece of our truth (say it is our innate patience) it gives energy to it (and thus our patience grows). We grow more embodied as we honor. There is no need to change into a “new you”. Just BE you and witness yourself grow stronger in that!⠀

Happy new year loves,⠀

 xoxo Victoria