a call to action

by victoria larkins

intention lives at the heart of our agency. with the uprising of the coronavirus i want to share my perspective on the true influence we have to heal within ourselves and the collective. discovering our power, claiming our influence marks the birth of sankalpa in the first place. i created sankalpa to invoke a call to action.

what is action?  something that gets done. the mechanics of action are very simple. when we trace an action or a behavior back to it’s source, we find at the seed of all action, a thought. you might have heard the phrase, thoughts create reality. thought form is the subtlest layer of our manifested being. thoughts give rise to energy, and energy is what calls us to action. this is the natural process of manifestation. we can verify the trend in nature itself. let’s liken a thought to a seed, energy to the sun, and a manifested action to a flower blooming.

so how did such a simple and natural process become so complicated? how do we now find ourselves at a loss as to how to create what we desire? when we look around at society’s current standpoint, we observe a huge culture shift that has tipped us off balance, out of touch with nature, and highly distracted in the search for success, stimulation, and accumulation. we live amongst computers and concrete, and the thread that weaves through us all is a collective uprising of trauma and a new norm that to be normal, is to ignore, compete, engage with stress, and push through. we can sleep when we are dead, feeling is a nuisance, and self care is inconvenient. in our personal lives, we are incapable to say how we feel, we take things personally, divorce is at an all time high, and we enact each other’s trauma responses at the slightest spark of discomfort.

how could we even begin to communicate to another, when we have grown so far apart from our selves? we have grown into a conditioning that capitalizes on our disconnection, and the only way to break this epidemic is to begin to orient to ourselves. it breaks a rule, and its a necessary rule to break. because the moment we decide that what is inside is more important, more paramount, to the messages externally, is the moment we take our power back. action should spark from an organic alchemy within. but right now we are living for, taking action on behalf of the problem. ever day we wake up for someone other than ourselves, our actions energize the disorder we see manifested in our collective.

the call to tune in to the nuances of our internal ecosystem is here and now. as we orient inwards, we begin to reawaken to the embodied experience of our connection to the whole. it is irresponsible not to come home to our influence and point a finger at the play and display of disorder in politics, in the me too movement, even in the coronavirus… these are the manifestations of our very own actions. disorder is the disruption of systematic functioning. disease is a particular quality that adversely affects a person or group of people, a malady of structure or function. poison is something that is considered to have a destructive or corrupting effect or influence. we created the reality we live in. and in order for something to sustain it’s existence, we have to feed it. so the onus is on each of us, to steer each individual action we take from a natural connection to what we desire to see.

intention, it is a simple thought. is is the seed of our action. it is a point of reference within the collective state of confusion we must navigate. intention is our why. at sankalpa, we make jewelry to help you remember. jewelry is not the only way to water the seeds of change. it's our way. it's a way i saw that could soften the pressure of "doing the work" and remind us that growth is beautiful and healing does not have to be scary. it can feel like a coming home. i urge you to look at your life. i invite you to see the big picture unfolding of your actions. are you contributing to a future you want to live? it's okay to pivot. it's okay to admit where you might have traversed down a dead end path that short circuits your worth. it is all okay because with awareness, we grow. when we see a plague sweep across our country, we can do something about it. the answer is not to put a mask on your face. the answer is to show face. claim responsibility. put one foot in front of the other and feel the earth beneath your skin. feel your connection. in that, your thoughts will create an evolutionary surge to a different kind of action. the kind of action that is responsible, that is generous, that is natural.... this is the medicine.