inspiration behind our big sur line

by victoria larkins

Summer 2019, California was calling. I hopped on a plane and settled west for the weekend, flew in just as the sun set, and awoke to the familiar humid sunny air on my face. This golden state is where I grew up. And when my roots pull me back, I always listen. 

This summer marked a chapter of space, of endings, of heartbreak, and of returning home. So it was entirely in alignment to travel back to the place of my own beginning. Plus, there is nothing like the combo of sand, salt water, and sunshine when the swell of life seems to be super high tide. 

Being amongst so much beauty, and the vastness of the ocean’s horizon, I arrived in more spaciousness within myself. Far from my life in Colorado, I felt perspective’s medicine nurture me back home to that place within myself where I could feel I was right where I was supposed to be, even though it was challenging to accept. As I began to appreciate each moment for what it had to offer, I became more open to the greater picture of how nature was always unfolding within me in the direction of evolution. I felt inspired by the way simply orienting to our experience either liberates us or keeps us in a state of limitation. 

Laying at Pfeiffer Beach, known for its glimmering beaches that carry a pink hue of gemstones immersed in the rocks + sand, I looked up into the sky. Amongst the clouds there was a big light, and it occurred to me that the sun never goes away. It orbits the solar system and sometimes we perceive it to be gone, but that is again, just a matter of perspective. I felt the ocean breeze, and I remembered that just as the sun is always shining, so too is our inner radiance and knowingness. I closed my eyes and felt my own heart. I felt appreciation for begin alive. I felt how part of being alive, is the infinite awakening to who we are. Part of being alive, is being open to what will unfold. Attachment to life unfolding in a particular way, is what causes the pain, the suffering. When we are present to what is, we see what is relevant to give our energy to. From this space, our intentions become so much more powerful, for they are in alignment with a real tangible growth point, an embrace with what truly is. 

We all have patterns that don’t serve us, and yet that day I remembered it’s never too late to realize a new way. The moment we have new awareness, that is the birthplace of our freedom. That is the moment our intention begins to bloom! 

So, I set the intention to rise like the sun and let the old me go. That weekend I played with devoting my thoughts + energy to a bright new day. 

It was such a powerful point in my own awakening, this summer weekend in Big Sur. Surrounded by mountains and ocean, family and art, I wanted to share the impact of this incredible place with a never before, one of a kind, and very limited batch run of 14k gold wrap bracelets. So I created a bracelet for each place that touched my heart and inspired me to call on my inner radiance.

Each full circle wrap bracelet is adored with a golden clasp that shines like the sun. Gold is a very potent metal for empowerment and I have been wanting to work with it for a while now. This line features pearl, melon shell heishis, hessonite garnet, mother of pearl, and citrine gemstones. Carrying the energetics of the california coast, ocean vibes, and sandy sunsets, these gemstones soothe our emotions, influence self care, and balance our mind. These stones both enhance your moon sign and sun sign. In astrology, your moon is the part of you that processes your experience. I chose stones that will help you to listen to and honor your intuition. Your sun sign is the way you are, how you know yourself. I chose stones that encourage you to experience your own radiance and accept yourself fully. 

I hope you feel the essence of Big Sur in this line. If you have the chance to visit, make sure to get lunch at Nepenthe. It is my mom's absolute favorite. It has been my intention to leave you shedding stardust wherever you go from all the g l o w generated in these pieces. You can think of this collection as an ode to the light. Remember that wherever we are, and wherever we are going, you've got a light that shines the way. All you gotta do is remember. 

Love you to the sun and moon and back,