grey blue pearl ◠ ◡ a poem about shadow as sexy

by victoria larkins

poem inspired by our favorite head in the clouds necklace featuring grey blue pearl + freshwater white mini pearl . .

grey tones ◠ ◡  they invoke a little shadow  ◠ ◡  to, me  ◠ ◡  in a sexy kind of way.

overcast mornings
misty skies
san francisco
wet concrete
sweater weather
the way cream dances into black coffee  
dimming lights
half shadowed faces
— grey is a vibe.

shadows mark the meeting place between darkness and light, and isn’t that where we discover our humanity? what’s a greater display of self love than meeting ourselves in the spaces of unfolding in our lives? the moments where we walk the line between seeing and not knowing yet  ◠ ◡  feeling and being open to something deepening  ◠ ◡  it’s sexy to oscillate in the middle  ◠ ◡ because it’s a  m e r g i n g ◠ ◡  of contrasting ends of the spectrum

light ◠ ◡ dark
what was ◠ ◡  what is to come
doing ◠ ◡  being
masculine ◠ ◡ feminine
grief ◠ ◡ bliss
shame ◠ ◡ orgasm


— grey is the doorway  ◠ ◡  a teacher  ◠ ◡ ultimately, a meeting place  ◠ ◡  a choice we don’t have to make, but we get to make. of stepping in, to get close and personal with the texture of what it means to be alive.