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freshwater pearl: grief + pearls of wisdom

by victoria larkins |


you come in waves of wisdom 

and caress me with new vistas 


tears that taste salty sweet 

an aftertaste of the way it once felt 


swells of a giant washing over

melt foundations of the outdated


sand land of the past 

dissolves with each drop 


little castles return to their source  

into the curves of my own flesh

i have fallen 


embraced between skin and bone

tenderness fills me now


a new shape forming 

the foam revealing


a freedom within the 

freshness of my lungs


sun-burned, heart open 

i shattered


only to discover 

the pieces of my power


life has brought me 

to my knees 

so i could see


resurrected by surrender

i am not ashamed 

of such vulnerability 


many moons i’ve learned 

to come undone 


to feel

in this nakedness


a veridical sort of vital

i’ve found


flushed by spirit

aroused by the verge


arriving in

a new kind of castle

windows washed by crystalline orbs


forecast in my mind, aligned 

with the here and now  


how brilliant it is

to be alive


this moment

so potent


i thank you

for revealing 


there is no feeling to fear

emotions eventually clear


we are not our circumstances 

we are the witness 

and the lover

of it all

pearl has taught me so much, and keeps revealing to me the way waters of change bring us into new crevices of ourselves. this particular chapter of my life has brought a lot of loss. i've grieved in layers of holding on and letting go. pearl has helped me soften into acceptance of the nature of change, and has helped me solidify an identity as the witness rather than the attachment. the energy of pearl is so soft, yet so clear. grateful for this energetic influence. in all honesty, there its never a day i am not wearing pearl. i don't even think about it. i just naturally resonate with it. always, always, i will look down at my wrists and notice pearl. just like when i look up in the sky at night, i always seem to look right up to the moon. pearl is like that... i feel a forever resonance, a cosmic chemistry, and a deep gratitude for pearl.
- V

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