rainbow moonstone: i am a goddess

by victoria larkins

I emerge from the sea,

No longer turning my back on the larger me.

Purified from the idea that I am separate.


I stand on the shore looking into the vastness,

The foamy water fizzes on my toes,

My two feet sinking into the wet sand,

Taking in the particles of action

Relevant for this next step.


This new moment,

Is the evolution.

This very moment,

Is not a challenge.

It is, and always has been, an invitation.


Now I see.

The ocean has always been hinting at the truth,

Sprinkling little messages with each undulation;

Each washed up wave,

Shells tumbling onto the shore,

Dancing across my feet,

Settling into the sand beside me,

Befriending me, in support of me.


Information is only ever hidden in avoidance.

A view too hypervigilent to perceive

The soft whispers of a more evolved me.

In a view much more inclusive,

I feel all that is here;

The wind gracefully smoothing my skin.

Consciousness refining my shape.

This body of mine,

A vessel

To receive and be all that there is to be.


I stand accepting every morsel of my shape,

Gifted to me by love.

I feel my sweater itching my skin.

A dip in my shoulder, and the knitted layer slips off.

Falling to the earth with it my pattern of denying.


And naked I stand, swaying,

In the subtle nude newness.

The curves of my shape,

Are apart of my purpose.

The weight of my temple

Marks the strength of my stance.

Staying power,

I harness you.


Eyes wide, unstraining,

The seafoam tint of the vastness lightens.

White pierces my vision


And all the colors of the rainbow slip in.

Waves of a zest for the moment ripple.

Colors cascade outwards in all dimensions.

My naked body exploding.

The paint within the boundaries of my vessel bleeds beyond the lines.

There are no lines,

Only static.




Evolution is the sound I hear.

Fullness is the taste I choose.

Abundance is the shape I claim.


written by our founder victoria larkins ... "after i threw my naked gem necklace in the ocean. it was time. i was with my best friend late at night in venice beach, skipping along the tide as it oozed on shore and swept back into the sea... and up above us was a full harvest moon. as i gazed up at all the moon's luminosity, my heart whispered to me that i was that. i felt the light within my whole being, and i know, it was my moment. i was in my fullness, i had embraced my light, and that to me is what it meant to be a goddess."