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rose + pearl : the simple art of self care

by victoria larkins |

I would like to start out by saying I am not a writer or a poet, but I want to share my experience and intention with Sankalpa jewelry. This year my intentions have been centered around self care and personal growth. I am a naturally stressed out person and get very anxious from time to time, and this year i decided I wanted to maintain taking time everyday for some self care, as opposed to only doing self care rituals when I am having a hard time.

My Sankalpa jewelry helps me ground into these self care rituals, and have a clear intention. I am currently traveling with the I Am Love necklace and the Star Pearl (for self care). I put my hand on the I am love necklace and take a few deep breaths, thinking about what my intention is at the moment, with that necklace. Then I begin my self care, whatever I have time for that day. 

If I don’t have much time I may only do one or two of these things but when I have lots of time, this is what I would do. I start by making myself a cup of tea, lavender chamomile has been my favorite lately. Then I would start my essential oil diffuser (using lavender or any kind of calming essential oil blend), and light a candle. Then I journal a few sentences, just my thoughts or a to do list or perhaps a few things I’m grateful for. Then I read a chapter of a book, and meditate for a few minutes. I do whatever I can and tell myself that is enough.


Written by Jess Morrison 

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