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selenite: auric cleanse ritual

by victoria larkins |


Selenite is comprised of such a high salt content that it acts like liquid light, softening our internal + external environment in it's mere presence. Here's a ritual you can invoke daily, or as needed, that is smoke free + very calming. 

Begin with sage (general cleanse), palo Santo (cleansing + working with a specific intention), or copal (cleanse + connecting to ancient wisdom): 

  • Sweep the scent from the top of your crown down your body on the front side, then do the same on the back side, picking up one foot at a time and sweeping underneath each foot

  • Return to the front and end at the heart 

  • Take a selenite wand + use it like it’s an eraser holding the intention to allow whatever no longer serves be released 

  • Beginning at the top of your crown/head, begin combing the crystal up + down your body, visualizing it sucking any negativity/anxiety/density/fear (trust that whether you are conscious of what it is that is bothering you or not, it will cleanse)

  • Make your way down your body moving to the bottom of your feet, then do the back of your body, ending at your heart 

  • Imagining your field filling with liquid light 

  • If you just have either the sage/palo santo/copal or the selenite, you can do just one of those and it will still be very powerful 

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