strawberry quartz: how to be universal

by victoria larkins

with the launch of our "i am universal" 18k gold double wrap strawberry quartz full circle bracelet as a part of our Love is Love 2020 Collection, we want to share a little bit about the intelligence of this underrated crystal. a sister to rose quartz, strawberry quartz is a crystalline matrix made up of clear quartz + a mixture of goethite + iron oxide. 

goethite is a stone that will help you form a deeper + more meaningful connection with the earth. it helps us to adapt to the changes in our natural environment by invoking a feeling of oneness with your surroundings. the feeling is as if we have grown roots into the earth to fully understand our place in the matrix of life. goethite’s influence as we wear strawberry quartz allows us to exist with less friction in our environment, swim with the current, and immerse ourselves in what is without our blinders on. it energetically nurtures us to be all inclusive in our awareness + our consideration of our impact on others + the environment. 

the second mineral that makes strawberry quartz so universal is through iron oxide. this mineral literally opens us access to the memory bank of the universe. iron oxide is actually an oxidized iron. pure iron comes from meteorites. so the influence we feel is cosmic, expansive. when iron oxidizes, it creates an energizing ripple in its environment. wearing it on our skin activates our energetic + cellular system. in the yogic system there is a term called “shakti” which refers to a feminine kind of pure energy that is wild creative + contains infinite organizing power. wearing strawberry quartz ignites our shakti, sparking spinal alignment, bone health, and nurturing red blood cell formation. wearing iron in small doses helps us minimize the pain associated with menstruation. 

this gemstone is somewhat paradoxical in that it’s incredibly grounding in addition to its activating essence. it’s solid structure + surge of shakti helps us to become unshakeable in the face of karmic temptations. the effect is a growing knowingness within the heart of each cell in our body. it increases cellular intelligence, literally stoking the nucleus of our connection with the matrix of the universe. to wear strawberry quartz is to plug in to the source of our aliveness. through the influence of these minerals, strawberry quartz holds the power to vitalize the energy of our heart, specifically around the breast. our breasts are another source of plugging into nourishment. a baby sucks on his or her mother’s breast for milk that contains all the nutrients necessary to grow into a healthy human influencing the development of a coherent brain, organ maturation, and optimal quality of life. the stone has the same essence, nurturing us with the nectar of all that is needed to be alive, reminding us where we came from… it is like falling into a very warm, all inclusive, unconditional embrace from the heart of the universe itself. this is why we chose strawberry quartz to design a double wrap full circle bracelet. double the wrap, like an extra hug of love. we hope you L O V E !