staying in the light by missy fresques

by victoria larkins

Staying in the Light⌇A narrative piece orienting to the COVID-19 outbreak by yoga teacher Missy Fresques @missblissyoga
Growing up I never had big dreams of following any specific career path. Throughout my childhood and into college I followed in the footsteps of my older sister. I knew that by doing this I would succeed. This worked until one day I found myself lost in a career that I was not passionate about. This was not my life, this was her life. A great one - but just not for me. 

I remember it like yesterday, walking up the staircase, the smell of burning incense, the foggy windows and sweaty people strolling out of class. Unrolling my yoga mat, closing my eyes, the sound of the teachers voice. For the first time finding and feeling the connection between my breath, body and soul. A feeling that guided me to find my light. From that moment on I knew that teaching yoga was my path.  Since 2012 I have been lucky enough to share my passion with the people around me, from my childhood roots in Boulder to my current home in Santa Monica. 


Lately, I've been spending a lot of time on the floor of my apartment. Stretching, meditating, getting back into my daily yoga practice.  Snuggling my dog, getting lost scrolling through my instagram feed, reading, FaceTiming with my family. Trying not to distract my husband too much as his office is now in our living room and the studios I teach at are closed.

How do I stay in the light in a time like this?  A global outbreak of disease, a pandemic that continues to take the lives of people everyday.  This has changed the daily routine for everyone and ultimately has put our world on pause. In the light of all the chaos I have embraced what I love to do. Give back, spread love, laugh, smile, practice, teach yoga.  The best medicine for me is not only my own yoga practice but having the ability to share it with the community. I asked myself how I can continue to do this? Virtual yoga - the new normal. 


Over the last few weeks I have focused on creating a routine to instill some type of normalcy. By setting an intention to stay positive and grounded in my own practice, this has allowed me to open up and share with my LA community, friends, family and students across the globe via the small camera on my laptop.  I have learned that showing vulnerability through this platform has allowed my students to feel joined as a community. We may not be practicing mat-to-mat in the studio but we are holding space for each other virtually.  

During times of solidarity it is important to practice self-love, self-awareness, meditation. Yoga.   We are all connected through our practice in one way or another and it is key that we pause, take a collective inhale and a grounding exhale.  As we navigate this difficult time I will continue to stay connected to my light as a yoga teacher. Even if it is virtually.
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