speaking up : the naked truth

by victoria larkins

It is damn hard to embrace your truth when someone else’s story opposes yours, when society shames you just because your authentic expression goes against the grain, when your sense of healthy worthiness challenges the validity of the power play + structures in place. But we have to. We have to own, speak + stand for what we feel inside. Even if that means we cause conflict. The feeling of truth we have inside lies beyond right and wrong—it just is. Our hearts source from a paradigm much more evolved than our linear mind. Doesn’t mean our mind isn’t relevant; it makes possible our capacity to orient to the world we live in. But look around, we live in boxes. 

We exist crammed into one end of the spectrum. We’ve enlisted in a rat race to accomplish + accumulate more, win, dominate, defend, make another wrong so we can be right. We’ve fallen into the mirage that we have something to fear + derive our sense of belonging from a culture that is fueled by our own trauma responses. It happened the moment we took on the idea that our truth wasn’t worth it. Ever since we have been running, hiding, pretending. It’s the cool thing to do. But we cannot see clearly if we are running and we cannot see light if we are hiding in the dark. 

Every time we deny our truth, it poses a threat to our nervous system. We swim farther and farther away from the shore of ourselves. We become disembodied, dissociated even, just by thinking we should be something other than who we are. We run away when all we want to do is run into the embrace of our own love. It’s not our fault, its how trauma works. It happens subconsciously again + again without us realizing all day long. The call to come home is the key to our survival. There is nothing more important, for every action we take, every interaction we have with the world around us is a ripple of the internal experience we are generating.

We have found ourselves at the tipping point of our own self inflicted imbalance. And now that we see, we have the power to swing the pendulum back to midline. It starts by taking responsibility. This is the most powerful thing we can ever do. A moment of willingness to look within marks a true embrace with our whole self, a return home to our heart. No excuses, no conditions, just love. And in that moment, we realize there was never anything to fear. It was a facade, a voice of our own conditioning that cannot stand a chance against the voice of truth within. 

Our mission at sankalpa is to anchor you home to the heart of yourself. All it takes is a moment of remembering. May your jewelry serve to bring your attention to that which is true about you, so that you may honor it. Take relief in your own exhale, find home within your own skin. Give yourself permission. Awareness is liberation itself. 

Whatever you are going through is apart of your journey. You are right to feel + think the things you do. If it is natural, it is truth. Honoring this kind of truth is the purest intention we could ever set.