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sankalpa stories

rose quartz: learning the language of love by victoria larkins

rose quartz: learning the language of love ⌇ a poetic + educational piece of the power of rose quartz as lived by sankalpa founder @victoria__larkinsheartbreak comes and it goesit peers around corners in unexpected placesshows up in the most innocent of facesit whispers like wind that tickles your skinin just that way, it trickles withinit shatters us opento a lamb limb lament we reckon with the loss of what cannot be keptmy thoughts outstretch to nothing gravity and bones bring me to my kneesand it's in those ceding momentsthat I begin to see to witness, to feelwhat it means to be realto discover a part of methat is able to unpeellayer by layerthe enigmas we hold like gold are revealedthe places we felt the most paintunnels into ourselvesthey spit us out into our own laneresiding in the cave with the warlocks of our past we meet them head on, for their wisdom is vastwe wrestle and we grapple with what isuntil we lay down our defenses and lay skin to skinin our slumber, we resetspring comes, we expandwe wash in the reservoir of our truthwe inhabit new landfrom the waters of new beginningswe step on shoreeyes filled with love’s lagoonlittle ripples of our own reflectionsurround our iris moonswe’ve learned the language of water’s way within our bloodand we remind ourselvesagain and againthat waves will still come, yet it’s not the endwater is reflections are everywhereand the faces of our pastare invitations to take a rideto go insideundress our heart stringsto listen when she callsto allow her silent moaningto see, she is owningand to hold her in this placeto be that source of graceto allow myself to be affected for that same grace to sweep across my faceand to let go between the murmurs i fall deeperinto her embrace it’s a mutual affectiona spontaneous sort of wakingone mends the othera giving and a takingthe wound is the medicine our demons, our kinfor love isand we arean embrace as withoutso within   Isn’t it interesting how heart break takes us into the very essence of love? It comes in waves, because love does. Our heart beats, expands and contracts, because love does. When we break apart, we are bound to burst open. This is the law of love—the nature of life. And this, is the invitation. To fall apart. To be willing to break again, and again. And, to discover how every single time, we rise that much stronger. We acquire a kind of power—a human kind of privilege. It’s a great honor to know a strength that does not muscle through a heavy situation. This kind of strength has no job pushing through. And, this kind of love is not hiding. You will never find it staying on the sidelines of life. It asks us to step in—two feet, full dive. For, we have to be truly willing. Because that is the only way we can earnestly be living. Waiting is poison. Resisting builds up a taller wall. Honoring is medicine. Curiosity might just be the cure all. Stepping into love could mean falling apart, finally letting the river roar. It might look like loosing touch with everything you ever knew to be true, finding a friend in the unknown. Sometimes it's leaning into something new.   Love looks different in every single moment. And, it’s in those tender moments—the times we meet our demons—we must vow to throw our arms up, to embrace with all our limbs what’s there in front of us. To choose, each time, to bow to the heart dance. In we go, out we unfold. We are all in it together. Let us hold each other. Wherever you find yourself on this wild ride, know you are not alone. You are on the path of humanity honing in on what it takes to come home. All your demons are welcome. They are the very friend that will guide you to the reservoirs within yourself that call on you to wade all the way in and take a bath in the waters of your truth. It is a blessing. In those moments that you fear, my dear— for they will come—remember it’s love moving inside you. Love is the agent ushering you into the grief, into the embrace, into the strength. Love is never lost. It’s how you are meant to be. And that you can always trust.     Rose quartz provides an energetic palace where we can strengthen our relationship to ourselves. This crystal invites us to open our hearts, be real with where we are at, and embrace the natural unfolding of awakening. Essentially it invites us to honor what is. No matter what we are going through, feeling it is not only healing, it is our ticket to immunity. As release holding on, or stuffing everything down, we create an internal environment of ease + of acceptance, that dis-ease cannot resonate with or stick to. Rose quartz teaches us that we attract what we are open to.Rose quartz is a rough stone, yet calming and gentle in its nature. It’s vibration understands how we develop ways of protecting ourselves, and helps us soften into our true nature. It helps us to open our hearts to embrace our vulnerability as strength. Physically, we see that wearing rose quartz actually strengthens the electromagnetic field of our heart, increases blood circulation, and moves out inflammation by absorbing excess heat.If we understand physical heat as a manifestation of emotions (particularly anger, repressed sadness + resentment), rose quartz helps us feel these emotions so we can address and heal what we have stored away in order to create more space for our hearts' to remain open. In this way rose quartz teaches us that we can heal ourselves all by being open to feeling.Bigger picture, the ultimate relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Rose quartz teaches us that love is the simplest and most profound platform for our own evolution and the growth of our collective in the direction of connection and harmony.