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black tourmaline chunk
black tourmaline chunk
black tourmaline chunk

black tourmaline chunk


Releases Toxins
Absorbs Negativity
Reframes our Consciousness
Restores Flow
Nervous System Support

Crystal Gridding
Cleansing EMF’s in Environment
Cleansing Breathwork

This crystal is as harmonizing as it is cleansing. It works by absorbing negativity like a black hole. Tourmaline is, next to quartz, one of the most generative crystals out there. When heat or pressure is applied to it, it generates an electric charge and emits negative ions and far infrared rays into the atmosphere. This charge commands the body’s resources to general a flow of energy in the direction of cleansing whatever is obstructing health.

It allows us to be able to manage the negativity we encounter in the world, within ourselves, and in the midst of interpersonal dynamics. Right now you can probably feel the collective density. There has been an enormous uprising of panic, fear, sickness, hopelessness, and stress— all very heavy vibrations. Tourmaline helps draw stagnation + poison out of the air and out from the constitutional level within our bodies. We take on collective energy, store it in our physical and energetic blueprint.

Tourmaline’s warming nature stimulates our defensive Chi and protects us from pathogens. It allows for greater communication and connection to our external environment which is essentially the call right now in the face of a virus. Viruses inherently are not bad. Their role is to create harmony between our internal ecosystem and the external ecosystem surrounding us.
Viruses pass through animals and plants all of the time, without perception of threat. Tourmaline can help us to reframe our orientation to the larger and natural purpose at play, which is to clear our resistance to our connection with the whole. Tourmaline absorbs and draws out coping mechanisms within our body that we cling to as a result of earlier trauma. It helps us to release the toxic way of relating and open ourselves up to the greater flow of life.

Interestingly tourmaline is similar to reishi mushroom on its effect on the nervous system. This adaptogen gently activates the body, which is a small stress, while supporting our nervous system in processing it. The result is we get stronger. Tourmaline works the same way, as it is has a warming influence that instigates us to up-level in the face of adversity.


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you are worth it

black tourmaline chunk

black tourmaline chunk