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Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course
Sankalpa Meditation Course

Sankalpa Meditation Course

everything that happens,
happens in the present moment.
everything that ever happened,
and will ever happen,
can only happen
in the present moment.

the practice

Being in the present moment is everything. It’s a state where we are completely aware of our capacity to meet + respond to what is happening. Presence grants us access to all of internal resources for self regulation, pleasure, connection, and creativity.  

In this meditation, we will work with a mantra that brings us into the present moment, or as we like to call it— the sankalpa space. Our heart exists in the space between what was and what is to come. It is the governing agent of the present moment.

The word “Sankalpa” refers to our “heart’s deepest desire” or “inner resolve” in Sanskrit. It marks an invitation for us to tune inwards and connect to the essence of who we are within our heart. It’s a coming home to our most natural state. A state where we no longer have to compartmentalize everything, but instead, are able to process and adapt to what comes our way. Learn how to use a simple mantra as a technology to link mind and body, open your heart, and release stress. From an established state of presence, we will then explore how to work with intention to actualize the life you desire.

the breakdown

* 5 1.5 HR sessions to fully integrate your practice into your daily life
- All sessions are by zoom
- Option for Private or Group

Session 1: Introduction
- 1-1 virtual session with Victoria
- Establishing a foundation
- Setting intention

Session 2: Mantra
- How to use it effectively
- The science behind mantra
- Sanskrit vs English language

Session 3: Presence
- The impact of stress on the mind and body
- The neuroscience behind this technique  
- Healing trauma
- Reaching wholeness via the yogic system
- Accessing the now  

Session 4: Intention
- What Sankalpa means
- Living in alignment with your truth
- Letting go of control
- Opening your heart
- Ritual guide
- How to work with intention effectively
- The mechanics of manifestation

Session 5: Integration
- 1-1 virtual follow up with Victoria
- Questions
- Develop a regular practice


Payment + Course Timeline

Group Session
* $600 or 2 payments of $300
- Next group course begins JANUARY 2021
        - Initial Session : book privately
        - Mantra: Thurs 1/7 6-7:30pm mst
        - Presence: Sun 1/10 10-11:30am mst
        - Intention: Tues 1/12 6-7:30pm mst
        - Final Session : book privately
- Limited to 8 people
- Once you purchase, you will get an email from Victoria to set up your first session
- If you cannot make one of the sessions, it will be recorded and sent to you!
Private Session
* $1000 or 2 payments of $500
* Customizable to your schedule
- Once you purchase, you will get an email from Victoria to set up your first session
- Together you will co-create the timeline to begin your meditation practice
Free Consultation
- Curious but not quite ready to dive fully in?
- Set up a short call with Victoria to go over your questions, intentions, and what to expect

- You will get an email from Victoria to set up the call



- Establish a baseline of presence
- Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
- Open your heart
- Embody trust
- Heal shame and trauma
- Own your desire
- Release control
- Clear your mind
- Improve sleep
- Re-establish a sense of connection
- Create more happiness
- Enter into living life from a flow state


- Grounded in Neuroscience
- Yogic Sciences
- Somatic Psychology
- Energy Medicine
- Naad (the science of sound)

Meditation as a Technology for Stress Relief

We live in a world of high demand, where stress and fatigue have been normalized into our culture. The ever-changing, rapid landscape of daily life poses a higher demand on us than we are capable adapting to. In a consumerist society that says we need something outside of ourselves to feel okay, purposeful, successful, loved even, we’ve adopted this belief that the answers live out there. Perhaps when we get that new job, or when we find our partner, we will feel okay again. These days, a strong sense of self isn’t enough. It’s about our nervous system and brain chemistry. Just like exercise is needed to maintain a healthy body, meditation is needed to comb through the layers of our mind and release stress.

Because let’s face it— the result of orienting so far outside of ourselves is that stress becomes chronic. We store what we do not fully process mentally and emotionally in our physical body. We are backlogged, and so, we have stabilized in our nervous system a lingering sense of being out of touch with the beauty—and simplicity—of the moment. We’ve all got a little bit of PTSD.

So how do we get back? If the present moment is the key to our sense of well being, happiness, and connection, how do we access it? It’s simple really. Living in the present is not just an arbitrary term or a popular phrase—it’s a recognized and evidence-backed lifestyle that psychologists are quick to recommend for those struggling with anxiety and stress in their day-to-day life. And all we need something that draws our attention inward. A remembering agent if you will.

This is where mantra comes in. Let's break the word “mantra” down... “man” means “mind” and “tra” means vehicle. Essentially a mantra is a mind vehicle designed to take our mind from point a to point b. We can think of meditation as a technology for the mind, to anchor it in the moment.


set intention

use your jewelry to remember what matter's most.

seize the moment as a platform to step into everything you desire..

you are worth it

Sankalpa Meditation Course

Sankalpa Meditation Course