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chakra meditation
chakra meditation
chakra meditation
chakra meditation

chakra meditation

Our chakras are vortexes of energy where nerves gather along our spine. Each chakra has psychological correlates depending on which nerves run through them. This meditation balances our chakras so that we can express our fullest potential. Each part can be done on its own, or as one long meditation sequencing them all. We will use what are called “bija” mantras for each chakra. We can think of each mantra as a technology for our mind that has lasting influences on our energy and body.

- 7 step-by-step meditations for each chakra
- The science behind mantra as a technology
- What a bija mantra is and what each bija mantras is for each chakra
- A step into more subtlety of mind
- An understanding of our body’s energetic system through system’s theory and quantum field theory
- A big picture perspective of health and healing
- An overview of the differences between Sanskrit vs English language
- Which emotions correspond to which chakra and how to work with them
- A basic roadmap to understand all aspects of your psychology and psychophysiology and their energetic correlates

This Meditation is grounded in
- Neuroscience
- Yogic Sciences
- Energy Medicine
- Naad (the science of sound)
- Mantra

Benefits include:
- Embodying more trust
- Moving out of fear
- Healing shame and trauma
- Owning your desire
- Stepping out of lack and into abundance
- Letting go and healing grief
- Opening your heart
- Clarity of mind
- Connection to the whole

set intention

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seize the moment as a platform to step into everything you desire..

you are worth it

chakra meditation

chakra meditation