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living true 

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Sankalpa is a gemstone based jewelry brand. Our concept is all natural, minimal bracelets and necklaces that act as an avenue to remember living in the present moment with intention.

Ethically sourced, sustainably made with love, Sankalpa is on a mission to bring it back to love, one intention at a time.

origin story

Founder Victoria Larkins created Sankalpa out of her journey reconnecting with the wisdom of her heart. Traveling back and forth to India in her early twenties studying yoga + meditation, she was impacted by the fire "puja" ceremonies performed by the sacred river ganges.

During a puja ceremony, one writes on a piece of paper something to release + an intention on another. Both are thrown into the fire. The invitation is to set intention + let it go to allow for the manifestation process to happen naturally. Victoria was touched by the devotion she felt in creating space to listen to her heart + felt the power of being amongst a community of heart forward individuals.

After chanting around the fire, everyone got a string tied around their wrist to be worn as a symbol of the journey.

The word “Sankalpa” refers to our “heart’s deepest desire or intention” in Sanskrit. It marks an invitation for us to tune inwards + connect to the essence of who we are within our heart + form an intention that honors our true nature.

Victoria created Sankalpa with the mission bring to life the power of ritual and present moment awareness in the modern day. Combining the properties of gemstones with a simple intention ritual, Sankalpa calls on our accessories to serve as a vehicle to live consciously and with intention. She views crystals like archetypes for what is possible, and they hold energetic characteristics just like us. Wearing them influences certain qualities to be enhanced.

the present moment is everything--a doorway into our heart if we choose to open it. look within, every time you will discover you are everything you seek.

with love,

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