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Sankalpa was founded on the belief that intention lives at the heart of our agency—it is the first call to action.

We believe that we take our life into our own hands when we clarify what we desire first. What is most important to you? From this place, we are able to take real, and empowered, steps to make it possible. That’s why we designed jewelry to serve as an anchor point within the present moment, for your attention to remember your intention. 

Our mission is to educate about the mechanics of intention and action, the power of mind health, and the value of heart living. We find knowledge and eduction to be for action, meaning that once we understand something we naturally feel able to take action.

We make products designed with your intention at heart. Here you’ll find jewelry, ritual kits, community, and content curated to inspire a lifestyle of living with intention.


So how does manifestation work?

What we give attention to determines where we allocate our energy + the direction of our actions. An intention is a thought. Thoughts carry energy. When we have conscious thoughts, we create conscious habits, and we see our lives unfold in the way we actually desire to grow. When we are not clear with our intent, we lack direction, and thus our energy disperses everywhere. It is easy to feel influenced by the world around us to be a certain way. The moment we abandon our truth to try on someone else, we loose our sense of agency and worth. We cannot manifest from this place.

We are here to bring you back. The truth is, you already have all the wisdom you need within. Before you picked up ideas of how to be, before the noise of the world got too loud, before you experienced trauma, and before you questioned what life was all about, you simply existed in the world in harmony with nature + your heart. Sankalpa means “your heart’s intention” in Sanskrit. It is an inside out approach to becoming the influence rather than being influenced. It is the invitation to trust yourself. How? By grounding your attention within first. Sankalpa Jewelry is to be worn as a means to tune in. Wear your intention to come back to what is natural. 

gemstone jewelry

Crystals embody concentrated energy. They help us to remember our true nature because they come from nature. Their frequency permeates ours, tuning us back to our natural rhythms. Crystals energetically influence our adaptability. Adaptability is standing in our truth in the face of adversity, riding the wake of change into a stronger sense of connection with our environment.

Crystals help us align with our environment, with nature, to grow. Each crystal is born out of the way the elements in nature dance in time and space. This is how they comprise various laws of nature in their very makeup, and thus act as archetypes for us to come back to our most natural ways of being. Crystals are like little containers of energy. Remember, thoughts are brain waves of energy, with directionality. Placing a thought in a container of energy essentially installs a spark into the crystal. The thought sparks the crystal's energy, they merge, and now we have a thought, with a structure, and a whole lot of energy with directionally. Setting intention with crystals thus increases the efficiency + the precision of manifestation.  

conscious community

We are building a future where everything we make starts with you, and gives back to nature. We believe in thoughtful design, ethical sourcing, honoring the earth, and enabling a conversation around realizing the power we have inside. Tune into our blog and read the collective diary unfolding of real people living with intention just like you. Share your story living with intention + join a community of humans realizing their potential. We have found community to be an incredible resource along the journey coming home to ourselves. The one we are creating is an interweb of inspiration and validation for believing the power lies in you.

here is how it all got started ... 

Founder Victoria Larkins created Sankalpa out of her journey reconnecting with the wisdom of her heart. Traveling back and forth to India in her early twenties studying yoga + meditation, she was impacted by the fire "puja" ceremonies performed by the sacred river ganges. During a puja ceremony, one writes on a piece of paper something to release + an intention on another. Both are thrown into the fire. The invitation is to set intention + let it go to allow for the manifestation process to happen naturally. Victoria was touched by the devotion she felt in creating space to listen to her heart + felt the power of being amongst a community of heart forward individuals. After chanting around the fire, everyone got a string tied around their wrist to be worn as a symbol of the journey.

The word “Sankalpa” refers to our “heart’s deepest desire or intention” in Sanskrit. It marks an invitation for us to tune inwards + connect to the essence of who we are within our heart + form an intention that honors our true nature. Victoria created Sankalpa with the mission bring to life the power of ritual and present moment awareness in the modern day. Combining the properties of gemstones with a simple intention ritual, Sankalpa calls on our accessories to serve as a vehicle to live consciously and with intention. She views crystals like archetypes for what is possible, and they hold energetic characteristics just like us. Wearing them influences certain qualities to be enhanced.