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selenite bundle
selenite bundle
selenite bundle
selenite bundle

selenite bundle


contents: 3 selenite Sticks

Clears Agitated Energy
Restores Flow
Instills light

Crystal Gridding
Cleansing Breathwork

Selenite is one of my favorite crystals of all time. It's energy is like liquid light. This crystal works by transmuting toxic heat into light. Whenever I crystal grid a client's home, I always line each window with Selenite, for this crystal has the ability to filter out pathogens in the air, before they manifest as excess heat in the body. It does this by cooling and melting the asymmetrical vibration into harmony with the environment.

This crystal has a glassy-like composure, reflecting light off it's very outer layer, and multiplying the layers of light as it does so. This is how Selenite is known to increase the vibration in our environment, and instill a harmonious feeling of ease and flow in a household.

This crystal brings alignment. It is even used as a aid for those who have postural misalignment or scoliosis as it regulates the fluids that move along the bladder meridian and para-vertebrals. It also helps us to clear agitated energy, excess heat, and sickness in the body by alchemizing that energy into clarity and illumination. It's teaching is simple. Don't fight darkness with more darkness. Bring the light, and the darkness will disappear.


set intention

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seize the moment as a platform to step into everything you desire..

you are worth it

selenite bundle

selenite bundle